Okoro (Okoro Chetty)

Once a radical militia leader, Okoro was captured and recruited into the South African Army as a resource to educate against and combat rebel insurgence. Abruptly expelled for undisclosed reasons, Okoro now financially supports his political agenda through independent mercenary contracts connected to the manipulation of sensitive political data.


Raha (Raha)

During the Afghan civil war, Raha's children were abducted by the Taliban. She was dragged through the streets and tortured with boiling water before being rescued by freedom fighters. Vowing revenge, Raha joined the resistance and trained to dismantle the Taliban. With her permanent scar as a painful reminder of what she is fighting for, Raha now offers her talents on the black market to the highest bidder to fund her resistance efforts.


Skip (Jack Turner)

As twin brothers leading a team of seasoned SASR desert rats on a dangerous and highly classified operation, Jack killed his younger brother Tom with friendly fire due to redacted. Heartbroken, Jack resigned from SASR and continues his career as a private contractor. Jack always wears his brother's watch in combat as a reminder of lost time.



Very little intel exists regarding Meiko's origin, identity or history. She is rumored to be the daughter of a powerful Japanese organized crime lord. Her significant combat skills indicate formal training and she has been linked to several incidents of high-value data theft and global mercenary activity.


Fang (Fang Li)

The product of strict institutionalized military training as a teen, Fang developed expert marksman skills and regularly competed for sport. Recruited as a combat pilot for this expertise, Fang became a national hero when his fighter was shot down behind enemy lines and he held off an enemy platoon using only a pistol. Not one for the spotlight, Fang receded into the shadows of the mercenary world.


Red (Sergei Volkov)

As a contract killer for the Russian mafia, Sergei was feared and respected. His reputation for ruthlessly accomplishing the job at hand was legendary, his skills were in high demand and he earned the nickname ‘Red’ for more than his country of origin. Because of his deep connections to multiple Russian crime syndicates, Sergei eventually became the target and now lives life a ghost contractor in order to survive. He remains in high demand.


Grim (Charles Taylor)

As a troubled youth, Charles grew up in state-run juvenile detention centers. After a terrorist attack in London destroyed a center, killing innocent children, Charles joined the British Special Forces and dedicated his life to saving others as a combat medic. Unable to outrun his demons, Charles was discharged dishonorably and now manipulates funds and sensitive data obtained from mercenary contracts to dismantle terrorist cells.


Tarek (Tarek Adjmi)

Orphaned as a teenager by a homemade explosive device intended to cripple a local militia cell, Tarek grew up a survivor in the streets of Aleppo. Caught between multiple factions struggling for control of Syria, Tarek trained with various insurgent groups and developed an expertise around building and dismantling explosives, which he employs to this day as a mercenary-for-hire.


Texas (Sarah Wells)

Sarah Wells is a US combat veteran, animal rights activist and the founder of the non-profit organization guardians of the endangered. Having witnessed the devastating effect poachers have on wildlife first-hand during wartime, Sarah dedicated herself to the protection of endangered wildlife and hunting poachers through G.O.T.E. She secretly funds the organization through her covert mercenary contract work and is often referred to as the ‘Poacher Hunter.’


Odin (Erik Andersen)

As a high-ranking member of Forsvarets Spesialkommando (Norwegian Special Operations Command), Erik was captured during a classified operation. Disavowed by his country, Erik was brutally tortured until he was able to escape. Returning home as a disillusioned war hero, Erik walked away from service and runs a private military contract company. He earned the nickname 'Odin' due to his status as an Elder-statesman and his tortured-scarred body.


Diaz (Rob Diaz)

Rob comes from a long line of law enforcement and military service. As a police officer in Los Angeles, Rob heard the call of his country and enlisted in the Army. He completed two tours of duty before losing his leg to an IED in Afghanistan. As a decorated hero with an honorable discharge but unable to serve, Rob supports his family through the lucrative world of private military contractors.


Nala (Nala Buhari)

As a child, Nala’s village was invaded by rebels and the children were taken to a militia prison camp, where they witnessed unspeakable horrors. Liberated by Central African Freedom Fighters during a daring raid on the camp, Nala joined C.A.F.F. and trained as a soldier. She now dedicates her life to ending the enslavement of children from warlords and militias through mercenary and military contracts.



Backstory unknown.


Jag (Reina Trujillo)

Reina was born in the jungle to a family of farmers. Due to the economic downfall of her country’s government, cartels began to flourish. Her father refused to sell their land, which led to violence, leaving Reina alone and without parents. Since then, she vowed a war on the cartels. She trained with local guerilla forces and now works as a hired killer, wearing her mother’s old shirt as a headband.


Node (Manish Bakshi)

Manish worked for a government funded anti-terrorism outfit in New Delhi. His job was to intercept suspicious crypto activities and tie them to large organizations under shell companies. After being fired for uncovering corruption within his own organization, he decided to take justice into his own hands, fighting fire with fire. This is how his alter-ego Node was born.



Highly trained deadly assassin. British Intelligence spy, MI6. Not much is known about her. She is rumored to have stolen an extremely valuable Burmese ruby priced at over $30M prior to joining MI6. The stone was never recovered.


Lynx (Felix Brown)

Felix is still an active senior member of Canada's JTF2 Elite Counter-Terrorist Unit. When not active, he works for the UN to perform highly classified Black Ops missions. As a teen Felix was a star hockey player in his hometown of Vancouver. He gave up his shot at the big leagues to join the military with the goal of joining the JTF2. Once in the JTF2 he became one of the most effective agents earning him the nickname "Lynx".


Kane (Nikau Parata)

Since retiring from the NZ-SAS Nikau relocated to the US to works as a PMC. He often works closely with various agencies on top secret missions. Nikau is a deadly force with no fear that is a favorite choice for Anti-Terror Black Ops Missions.