Tips for new Contractors

  • The most important tip: Communicate. Every single PSVR player has a microphone built into their headset. By communicating you increase your teams chances for victory big time. Let your teammates know where the enemy is, where you are going, what you are doing.
  • Save Crypto. Don’t start spending it right after you unlock something. Useful stuff starts to unlock later at level 10.
  • Stay with your team. Don’t go soloing. When you stick together, you can have all directions covered and you have higher chances of being revived if you go down.
  • Take it slow. You only have one life per match, so why rush to lose it?
  • If you die you can still help your team. Cycle through the security cameras and give your team info of enemy movements. Your team can still hear you.


This page is a work in progress. New tactics will be added soon.

Here is some tactics you can implement in your teams training.


It is always good to stick as a team. You have higher chances of being revived, you have more firepower as a group and you can have all directions covered.

Inside/Tight areas

Movement in hallways and tight areas.

Outside/Wide areas

Movement outside or in areas where’s many possible directions to be fired at from.

Outside/Wide areas

It is not necessary to stay in line, just make sure each member watches different direction.


When you come to a corner or a place you need to cross, this is how you should do it. First member of the team covers the others as they cross. Once the last of the crossing 3 members have crossed, he/she will then cover the last member.

Communicating while moving

Let your team know whats happening. The first member leading the team must keep others informed of whats happening in front. Need to stop? Say stop. Continue moving? Say moving. Doors, hallways, enemy? Let your team know!

This applies to all members. The point of this type of movement is to give each member of the team a 360 degree view. It requires practice, but once you have reached a good understanding of who is where, watching which direction, you’ll have a better idea of whats going on at the direction you can’t see.

Entering rooms

Entering rooms is a dangerous thing to do. How to make it as safe as possible?

Regroup at the door

Regroup at the door, still watching every direction.

Flash/Stun the room

One member opens the door and two other members throw a flash or a stun. One member still watching other directions.

Rush the room

Immediately after flashes or stuns go off, rush the room, each member checking their own corners. Element of surprise.


Stay close to the objective. Place jammers, door blockers, mines and other traps in places where they slow down attackers the most.

If the laptop is in a small room, don’t stay there as a whole team. One grenade can take you out. Stay close, but not in a tight pack. Sometimes there are multiple entry points for the attackers and you want to have an eye on all of them. Call your team for help if movement detected.



In this situation, both teams are on either side of the door. The white area indicates the dangerzone. You should avoid lurking in this area because enemy grenades are most likely to land here. Wait until the enemy has spent their grenades and then advance.


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